Keeps you cool when you are hot.

  • How it Works

    My Cooling Towel Tecknit Instant Cooling Towel is made from a new fabric that instantly cools when you.

    Wet it - Completely immerse the towel in Water. Pool, Sea or Tap.
    Wring it - Wring out all of the excess water.
    Wave it - Wave in the air to activate the cooling technology.

    The high-performance, multi-yarn cooling fibre rapidly absorbs water more than twice its weight. The towel technology works by absorbing perspiration and water into My Cooling Towel 3 part construction and moves water particles to regulate the evaporation process to keep My Cooling Towel cool for hours without feeling wet.


    • Towel Size: 30cm x 100cm
    • 100% Microfibre.
    • Reuse over and over again.
    • Activate with warm or cold water.
    • Breathable, Lightweight and Chemical - Free.
    • Cools Instantly when water is applied.
    • The Towel provides UPF 50 Sun Protection.
    • When wet, My Cooling Towel stays cold for hours.
    • When Dry the towel efficiently absorbs sweat and is soft.
    • Machine Washable - See washing instructions on packaging.
    • For Best results place on your neck, head or any other zones of heat.
    • Refrigeration not required.

    Washing Instructions


    Machine wash cold, like colours.

    Do not bleach, tumble dry cold.

    Do not use softeners.

    Do not Iron.

    Do not leave My Cooling Towel in Storage Tube when Wet for long periods of time as it may start to smell. Machine washing will remove any smell.