Keeps you cool when you are hot.

  • FAQs


    Q: What are the primary uses for My Cooling Towel?

    A: My Cooling Towel is suitable for many applications

    • Spinning Classes
    • Running
    • Weight Lifting
    • Gym Workouts
    • Triathlon
    • Cycling
    • Golf


    • Hicking
    • Walking
    • Gardening
    • Work outside in heat
    • On the Beach or at the pool on holidays


    • Cooling effect that could help with children's fevers
    • Activates quickly
    • Relief from Sunburn,
    • UPF sun protection factor 50
    • Hot Flushes

    Q: When do I use My Cooling Towel?

    A: My Cooling Towel is utilised at any time when your body temperature is raised due to activity, either in training, high temperatures, fevers or hot flushes.

    Q: Will My Cooling Towel help my sports results and goals?

    A: Optimum sports performance takes energy, and you use your energy to cool your body down. My Cooling Towel is designed to help cool you down faster, leaving you with more energy that could be used for optimal performance instead. Results will vary.