Keeps you cool when you are hot.

  • My Cooling Towel™ Tips for staying safe in the sun.

    Its set to be a scorcher this week! Yippee.....

    In Ireland (where we are from) there is this habit that once the sun comes out we strip off to try and get a tan as fast as we can, Thinking that because its not as hot as Spain etc, we can go unprotected in the sun for a time.


    We can break Staying safe in then sun into a few categories.

    1. Choosing a sun screen
    2. How to apply Sun Screen
    3. Covering up with Clothing
    4. Staying Hydrated
    5. Staying Sun Smart

    I am going on focus on the 5th point, Staying Sun Smart. This includes Checking the UV Index, Stay out of the Sun at peak heat times (usually between 10am and 3pm), Watch your shadow, Know the signs and Symptoms of heat stroke and Cool off if you start to feel overheated.

    My Cooling Towel™ can help with a few of the above suggestions from Wiki How. When you Wet It - Wring It - Wave it, the Cooling technology which is chemical free helps you cool down fast. the fabric also has SPF 50 protection which means you can wrap it around your shoulders for protection, make a head Scarf, Bandana to protect the head and cool down faster, 

    Keep Safe in the Sun and Stay Cool!