Keeps you cool when you are hot.

  • My Cooling Towel™ and The World Cup 2022

    Sky Sports reported today that in Qatar, with todays temperature at 108F (42C), Construction Workers have been supplied with Cooling Towels to help deal with the heat. They called them "Pioneering Cooling Towels".

    What does that mean for you? 

    Clearly overheating is an issue in many walks of life, exercise, construction, fevers, pregnancy and medical treatments etc.

    We are delighted that My Cooling Towel™  are at the forefront of this new Pioneering Cooling Technology for some time  and have helped many people and organisations. From Gyms like One Escape, Go Gym and Swan Leisure.To organisations like Avonmore, Icon Clinical Research, Barclaycard and Veritas.

    The feedback is always the same. WOW. I never knew about this product, but now that I have seen it - I WANT ONE. 

    Its a pleasure to help people and our mission "TO KEEP YOU COOL WHEN YOU ARE HOT" is still getting stronger.


    PS. Did you know that our cooling towel has SPF 50 in the fabric so its perfect for protecting your neck and shoulders?