Keeps you cool when you are hot.

  • My Cooling Towel - 3 Things we have learned so far.

    Hi Folks,

    We are about 8 months in since the launch of My Cooling Towel™,

    What are the 3 most important we have learned so far?

    1. When we have an idea and a plan, run with it!  As you can see from the funny picture below of Sylvia and myself, we had to come up with an idea to celebrate a milestone of 2000 towels sold. what better way than to have a bit of fun. ( By the way, Sylvia won!)

    Sometimes when we are looking for an idea to do something we get caught in trying to make it perfect, we get caught in analysing every aspect and this can take time and effort that can be used to work on other things like looking for new ideas and products for our customers. An example is our new My Cooling Towel™ Discreet coming soon.


    2. At first, people don't get My Cooling Towel™, when we demo it they understand the benefits and love it. When we exhibited at the Women's World Event, we had a 95% success rate in getting new customers to purchase on the stand. We did a demo of how the towels worked, By Wetting it - Wringing it - Waving it to activate the cooling technology.  

    We are planning to do demo days in Gyms for people to see the benefits of My Cooling Towel™, We were in Go Gym, BPT Fitness, with more to follow shortly, Let us know if you would like us to come to your gym,

    3. Don't give a way your product for free. This was a really good lesson! After reading an article by Richard Branson on New Start up Mistake I realised that when you are starting out, giving away your products is not good for your brand. 

    We did an event with great guys at Pure Results Bootcamp where we gave away a free towel to all attendees, there was no increase in traffic to our site or sales as the people did not put a value on it.

    Thats it for now folks.

    PS. We have finally nailed down our Mission Statement,

    "Our mission is to cool you down when you are hot"

    Be cool